IBM Internet Security Systems X-Force Threat Insight Monthly

The IBM Internet Security Systems X-ForceĀ® Threat Insight Monthly is designed to highlight some of the most significant threats and challenges facing security professionals today. This report is a product of IBM Internet Security Systems Managed Security Services (MSS) and is compiled by the IBM Internet Security Systems X-Force (X-Force) security intelligence team of IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS). Each issue focuses on a specific challenge and provides a recap of the most significant recent online threats.

Latest Report

The February 2008 edition of the X-Force Threat Insight Monthly highlights an article titled "The problem with passwords." Several methods of authentication are currently available and used to provide access to today's information systems. This article discusses several of these innovative techniques but focuses on a mechanism that, for better or worse, is well ingrained into modern computing: the password. The first half of the report also contains an article that provides an overview of some of the tools used to perform static analysis on Flash files and explains how to use these tools to analyze an example of a malicious banner ad currently found in the wild. The second half of this report details the prolific and impacting issues of January 2008.

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Report Archives

 January 2008 edition: Toward a Robust Domain Name System
 December 2007 edition: Cyberterrorism - Fact or Fiction?
 November 2007 edition: The State of Cryptography - Modern Applications in Information Technology
 October 2007 edition: Honeypots and Honeynets - From darknets to things that go bump in the dark
 September 2007 edition: The State of Cryptography - Public Key Cryptography
 August 2007 edition: Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks - A Significant Threat?
 July 2007 edition: The Web Operating System (WebOS)
 June 2007 edition: Virtualization - The Impact on the Security Enterprise Landscape
 May 2007 edition: The Emerging Threat Landscape
 April 2007 edition: From Botnet to Malnet
 March 2007 edition: Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)
 February 2007 edition: Shellcode Heuristics
 January 2007 edition: Browser Exploitations
 Q3 2006 edition: Challenges of Regulatory Compliance
 Q2 2006 edition: Vulnerability Management
 Q1 2006 edition: Wireless Technology
 Q4 2005 edition: Protecting Information - Closing the Path to Identity Theft
 Q3 2005 edition: Security implications and considerations of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
 Q2 2005 edition: Trojans, Spyware and Adware
 Q1 2005 edition: Focus on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
 Q4 2004 edition: Focus on Phishing

About the X-Force
The X-Force is a primary security research organization that discovers vulnerabilities and security flaws in computer networks and tracks emerging Internet threats. The X-Force serves as trusted security advisor to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as well as many other federal, state and local government organizations, helping create governmental security standards and initiatives.

X-Force research helps form the basis for the IBM ISS protection platform. By researching vulnerabilities, IBM ISS is able to update its products and services to prevent attacks before they negatively impact an organization. IBM ISS products and services rely on X-Force research to preempt threats. Questions or comments regarding the content of this report should be addressed to

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