Network Security Services (NSS) certificate security bypass (ASN1_NSS_Cert_Sec_Bypass)

About this signature or vulnerability

Virtual Server Protection for Vmware, IBM Security Network Protection, IBM Security Host Protection for Servers (Unix), IBM Security Host Protection for Servers (Windows), RealSecure Server Sensor, IBM Security Host Protection for Desktops, Proventia Network IDS, Proventia Network MFS, Proventia-G 1.1 and earlier, Proventia Network IPS, Proventia Server IPS for Linux technology:

This signature detects SSL/TLS certificates that may be used to spoof the certificate's signing domain. The signature triggers on invalid characaters, including a NULL, in the Common Name fields.

This signature detects SSL/TLS certificates that may be used to spoof the certificates signing domain.

False positives

IBM Security Host Protection for Servers (Windows): A false-positive may occur if the subjectAltName extention contains an Octet String, which contains a sequence of attributes, where any of the attribute fields are blank or are zero-length.

Default risk level

Medium risk vulnerability  Medium

Sensors that have this signature

Virtual Server Protection for Vmware: 1.0, IBM Security Network Protection: 5.1, IBM Security Host Protection for Servers (Unix): 2.2.2, IBM Security Host Protection for Servers (Windows):, RealSecure Server Sensor: XPU 29.080, IBM Security Host Protection for Servers (Windows): 2.0.300.2420, IBM Security Host Protection for Desktops: 2420, IBM Security Host Protection for Servers (Windows): 1.0.914.2420, Proventia Network IDS: XPU 29.080, Proventia Network MFS: XPU 29.080, Proventia-G 1.1 and earlier: XPU 29.080, Proventia Network IPS: XPU 29.080, Proventia Server IPS for Linux technology: 29.080

Systems affected

Microsoft Internet Explorer: 6.0, Gentoo Linux, Microsoft Internet Explorer: 6.0 SP1, SUSE SuSE Linux: 9.0, HP HP-UX: B.11.11, Eric S. Raymond Fetchmail: 6.2.4, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 3 WS, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 3 ES, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 3 AS, Sun Solaris: 9 x86, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 3 Desktop, Mozilla Firefox: 0.8, Mozilla Firefox: 0.9 rc, Mozilla Firefox: 0.9.2, HP HP-UX: B.11.23, Mozilla Firefox: 0.9.1, Mozilla Firefox: 0.9.3, Mozilla Firefox: 0.10.1, Mozilla Firefox: 1.0, Turbolinux Turbolinux: 10 Server, MandrakeSoft Mandrake Linux Corporate Server: 3.0, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 4 AS, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 4 Desktop, Mozilla Firefox: 1.0.1, Mozilla Firefox: 1.0.2, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 4 ES, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 4 WS, Mozilla Firefox: 1.0.3, Mozilla Firefox: 1.0.4, MandrakeSoft Mandrake Multi Network Firewall: 2.0, Mozilla Firefox: 1.0.6, Eric S. Raymond Fetchmail: 6.2.0, Eric S. Raymond Fetchmail:, Sun Solaris: 10 SPARC, Sun Solaris: 10 x86, Mozilla Firefox: 1.5 Beta1, Mozilla Firefox: 2.0, Mozilla Firefox: 1.0.7, Eric S. Raymond Fetchmail:, Mozilla Firefox: 1.5, Mozilla Firefox:, RedHat RHEL Extras: 4, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox: 1.0.8, Canonical Ubuntu: 6.06 LTS, Novell SLE SDK: 10, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0.5, Mozilla Network Security Services: 3.11.3, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: 10, MandrakeSoft Mandrake Linux Corporate Server: 4.0, MandrakeSoft Mandrake Linux Corporate Server: 4.0 X86_64, MandrakeSoft Mandrake Linux Corporate Server: 3.0 X86_64, Microsoft Internet Explorer: 7.0, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0.7, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0.2, Mozilla Firefox:, SuSE SLES SDK: 9, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox: 1.8, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 5, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 5 Client Workstation, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox:, MandrakeSoft Mandrake Linux: 2008.0 X86_64, Debian Debian Linux: 4.0, HP HP-UX: B.11.31, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox:, Apple Safari: 3.0.1, Apple Safari: 3.0.2, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.3, Mozilla Firefox:, Apple Safari: 3.0.3, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 5 Client, MandrakeSoft Mandrake Linux: 2008.0, MandrakeSoft Mandrake Linux: 2008.1 X86_64, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.2, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.1, Mozilla Firefox: 3.0 Alpha, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.4, Mozilla Firefox:, IBM DB2: 9.1, Apple Safari: 3.0.4 Beta, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.5, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.6, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Apple Safari: 3.1, IBM DB2: 9.5, Apple Safari: 3.0.2 Beta, Apple Safari: 3.0.1 Beta, Apple Safari: 3.1 Beta, Mozilla Firefox: 2.0 Beta1, Mozilla Firefox: 2.0 rc2, Mozilla Firefox: 2.0 rc3, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0.1, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0.3, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0.4, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0.6, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0.8, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0.9, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.7, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.8, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.9, Apple Safari: 3.0, Apple Safari: 3.0.4, IBM DB2: 8.2, Mozilla Firefox: 0.10, Mozilla Firefox: 0.9, Mozilla Firefox: 1.0.5, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox:, Mozilla Firefox: 1.5.1, Mozilla Firefox: 1.5.2, Mozilla Firefox: 1.5.3, Mozilla Firefox: 1.5.4, Mozilla Firefox: 1.5.5, Mozilla Firefox: 1.5.6, Mozilla Firefox: 1.5.7, Mozilla Firefox: 1.5.8, Mozilla Firefox: 1.5 Beta2, Mozilla Network Security Services: 3.11.2, Mozilla Network Security Services: 3.11.4, Mozilla Network Security Services: 3.11.5, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1 Beta, Novell OpenSUSE: 10.3, Apple Safari: 3.1.1, MandrakeSoft Mandrake Linux: 2008.1, Mozilla Firefox: 3.0 Beta5, Canonical Ubuntu: 8.04 LTS, Mozilla Firefox: 3.0 Beta1, Mozilla Firefox: 3.0 Beta2, Mozilla Firefox: 3.0 Beta3, Mozilla Firefox: 3.0 Beta4, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0 Alpha, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.0 Beta, Mozilla Firefox: 0.7, Mozilla Firefox:, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 5.2.z EUS, Mozilla Firefox: 3.0, Novell OpenSUSE: 11.0, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop: 10 SP2, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise: 10 SP2 DEBUGINFO, Novell SLE SDK: 10 SP2, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: 10 SP2, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_89 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_89 SPARC, Mozilla Firefox:, Apple Safari: 3.1.2, Sun Solaris: 9 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_95 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_95 x86, Mozilla Firefox: 3.0.1, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_01 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_02 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_64 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_79b x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_88 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_01 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_02 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_64 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_79b SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_88 SPARC, Joe Orton neon: 0.28.2, Joe Orton neon: 0.28.1, Joe Orton neon: 0.28, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.10, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.11, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla Firefox:, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_03 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_04 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_05 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_06 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_07 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_08 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_09 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_10 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_11 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_12 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_48 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_50 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_53 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_54 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_56 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_58 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_59 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_60 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_62 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_65 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_68 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_69 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: 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SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_06 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_07 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_08 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_11 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_12 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_09 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_10 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_48 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_55 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_54 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_50 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_57 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_49 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_56 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_52 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_51 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_53 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_67 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_66 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_59 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_65 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_58 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_61 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_63 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_60 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_62 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_71 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x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_99 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_97 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_98 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_96 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_103 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_103 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_106 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_106 x86, RedHat Enterprise Linux: 5.3.z EUS, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_107 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_107 x86, Apple Safari: 3.2.1, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.14, Debian Debian Linux: 5.0, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1 Alpha, Apple Safari: 4 Beta, Mozilla Firefox: 3.0.6, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_108 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_109 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_110 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_108 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_109 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_110 x86, Apple Safari: 3.2.2, Microsoft Internet Explorer: 8.0, Mozilla Firefox: 3.0.7, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.15, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_111 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_111 x86, Apple Safari: 3.0.0, Apple Safari: 3.0.0B, Apple Safari: 3.0.0B Windows, Apple Safari: 3.0.1B, Apple Safari: 3.0.1B Windows, Apple Safari: 3.0.2B, Apple Safari: 3.0.2B Windows, Apple Safari: 3.0.3B, Apple Safari: 3.0.3B Windows, Apple Safari: 3.0.4B, Apple Safari: 3.0.4B Windows, Apple Safari: 3.1.0, Apple Safari: 3.1.0B, Apple Safari: 3.1.0B Windows, Apple Safari: 3.1.1B Windows, Apple Safari: 3.1.2B Windows, Apple Safari: 3.2.0B Windows, Apple Safari: 3.2.1B Windows, Mozilla Firefox: 0.1, Mozilla Firefox: 0.2, Mozilla Firefox: 0.3, Mozilla Firefox: 0.4, Mozilla Firefox: 0.5, Mozilla Firefox: 0.6, Mozilla Firefox: 0.6.1, Mozilla Firefox: 0.7.1, Mozilla Firefox: 1.0 Preview Release, Mozilla Firefox: 3.0.8, Mozilla Thunderbird:, Mozilla SeaMonkey: 1.1.16, Mozilla Firefox: 3.0.9, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_112 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_113 x86, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_112 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_113 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: build_snv_114 SPARC, Sun OpenSolaris: 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Elkins and Jeremy Blosser Mutt: 1.5.20, Michael R. 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Suspicious Activity

Vulnerability description

Network Security Services (NSS) could allow a remote attacker to bypass security restrictions, caused by an error when parsing x509 certificate domain names. By creating a specially-crafted certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority containing NULL terminators in the Common Name (CN) field, an attacker could exploit this vulnerability via man-in-the-middle techniques to bypass security restrictions and cause the victim's client to accept spoofed SSL server certificates.

How to remove this vulnerability

Upgrade to the latest version of Network Security Services (3.12.3 or later), available from the Mozilla Web site. See References.

For other distributions:
Apply the appropriate update for your system. See References.


Mozilla Web site
Network Security Services (NSS)

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firefox/nss: doesn't handle NULL in Common Name properly

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Network Security Services (NSS) Certificate Security Bypass

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Security Vulnerability in Mozilla Thunderbird Related to SSL Certificates May Cause Arbitrary Code Execution

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mpop 1.0.19 is released!

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Security Vulnerability in wget(1) Related to Certificate Parsing may Allow Encrypted HTTP Communication to be Intercepted Using a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attack

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Open Source Software security discussions
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Debian Bug report logs - #311191
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Security Updates and Reflection

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Network Security Services (NSS) certificate security bypass