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Steps to secure a UNIX system:
Find (and possibly remove) all setuid programs
Turn off all services in 'inetd'; only turn them back on when you ABSOLUTELY need to.
Consider installing a firewall like ipchains in order to enable packet filtering.
shadow password
Use a shadow password file so that hackers/crackers cannot steal it.
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  • Solaris (1)
    Most popular Internet server
  • Tools (1)
    Toolkit that any UNIX administrator should be familiar with

  • CERT UNIX Configuration Guidelines-This document describes common UNIX system configuration problems that have been exploited by intruders and recommends practices that can be used to help deter several types of break-ins. We encourage system administrators to review all sections of this document and modify their systems to fix potential weaknesses.
  • An Architectural Overview of UNIX Network Security-A superb overview by Robert B. Reinhardt.
  • AusCERT UNIX Computer Security Checklist-The Australian Computer Emergency Response Team has developed a checklist that assists in removing common and known security vulnerabilities under the UNIX operating system. It is based around recently discovered security vulnerabilities and other checklists that are readily available
  • TITAN-Titan is a collection of programs, each of which either fixes or tightens one or more potential security problems in the setup or configuration of a Unix system.

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