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Wardialing (aka. scanning or demon dialing) is the practice of dialing all the phone numbers in a range in order to find those that will answer with a modem.

The legality of wardialing varies from place to place.

Some phone companies have detection equipment to detect wardialing and lock out attackers. However, much of this equipment only reacts if the numbers are sequentially dialed -- so many programs can randomize the order in which they dial.

When hackers target companies, one of the first things they do is wardial the central office near the company. Companies rarely control the dial-in ports as strictly as the firewall, and machines with attached modems are sprinkled throughout the company on people's desktop computers and special-purpose computers that communicate with partners.

  • ToneLoc (1)
    The standard DOS-based war-dialing utility

    • Remote Access-Statistics on the availability of modems, such as the fact that 1% of all phone numbers in Silicon Valley respond with a modem.
    • Informational whitepaper regarding Local Area Detection of Incoming War Dial Activity-written by AT&T Labs
    • THC-Scan. One of the most feature-rich war dialing tools available today written by "van Hauser."-THC-Scan Version 2.00 was released on Christmas Day, 1998. A look-alike cousin of the long-available and widely used ToneLoc war dialer, developed by "Minor Threat" and "Mucho Maas." THC-Scan brings some new and useful functions to the war dialing arena. Unlike simpler war dialing tools, THC-Scan automatically detects the speed, data bits, parity and stop bits of discovered modems.
    • PhoneTag-A less capable program than ToneLoc, but has an easier to use Windows interface.
    • PhoneSweep-Sandstorm Enterprises' PhoneSweep is a full-featured telephone scanner developed for Microsoft's Windows platform.
    • TeleSweep Secure-The TeleSweep Secure scanner is a commercial active discovery and vulnerability assessment tool for the security professional.
    • L0pht: TBA-A wardialer for the PalmPilot.

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