Intelligence in the News

Learn why our network intrusion prevention system (IPS) and other security solutions are positioned in the Leaders Quadrant in Magic Quadrant research notes from Gartner.

Welcome to "Intelligence in the News," a series of complimentary  newsletters from Internet Security Systems (ISS) featuring research from Gartner.

These newsletters offer insights into market trends and innovations to help you select the best security solutions for your business.  

Latest Issue

Issue 3: Gartner's Vendor Rating Report on Internet Security Systems
For years, ISS has demonstrated the value of shielding vulnerabilities rather than reacting against exploits, as so many antivirus and firewall legacy security systems do. This proactive, preemptive approach is superior in ensuring protection throughout the enterprise. This issue explores ISS' approach.

A Gartner Research note, "Gartner Vendor Rating, Internet Security Systems, 2006" is also featured. 

Past Issues

Issue 2: Advancing Security Through Managed Security Services
Organizations are increasingly turning to managed security services providers (MSSPs) for their day-to-day network security needs. Volume two of "Intelligence in the News" explores this trend in detail.

This edition features the Gartner research note, "Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Service Providers, North America, 2H05." ISS' managed security service offering was positioned in the Leaders Quadrant.

Issue 1: High Fidelity Security
When evaluating network security options, performance is critical. The first edition of "Intelligence in the News" explains what constitutes a leading network intrusion prevention system.

The Gartner research note, "Magic Quadrant for Network Intrusion Prevention Systems, North America, 2H05" is featured. ISS' network intrusion prevention system was positioned in the Leaders Quadrant.

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